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CardioSecur Active - Mobiles EKG

Product Type:

- ECG system for private individuals
- Touchscreen EKG
- App

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  1. CardioSecur Active - Mobiles EKG (Smartphone n. enth.)
  2. CardioSecur Einweg-Elektroden
  3. CardioSecur Schutztasche

Areas of Application:

- Creation of electrocardiograms (cardiac voltage curves)

Features / Components:

- EKG measurement device and app with precise measurement of the recorded Signals
- App for Android (4.0 and higher) & Apple iOS (iPhone 5 and higher)
- Complete analysis (including heart attack & atrial fibrillation)
- Recording and analysis as a 15-channel resting ECG
- Bipolar ECG- System with measurement of 3 channels
- Recording of complex arrhythmias and life-threatening circulatory disorders
- Use anywhere and at any time
- Measurement time 10 seconds, result in 20 seconds
- Personalized evaluation based on a comparison with your own reference ECG
- Feedback on the need for a doctors visit
- Display of the ECG report in the smartphone
- Export of the ECG report as PDF
- Optional sharing with the doctor
- Synchronization with a protected CardioSecur server
- Including 144 disposable electrodes for 36 measurements with 4 electrodes each
- separate accessories: additional adhesive electrodes & protective bag
- subscription can be canceled monthly


of the subscription:
- ultra-lightweight ECG cable (50 g)
- CardioSecur app including future updates during the subscription period
- personalized evaluation incl Recommended action
- Access to the GDPR-compliant medical device platform
- Unlimited ECG archiving in a personal user account
- EKG provision to the attending doctor
- All measurements and results can be visualized and exported in the app at any time
- 144 disposable electrodes

Price (without guarantee):

Device & App: EUR 145.24 once, EUR 9.70 monthly
Adhesive electrodes: EUR 18.52 (9 measurements) to EUR 580 (500 measurements)
Protective bag: EUR 14.57
( Retail prices including VAT)
Price date: 16.07.2020

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Produktseite des Herstellers

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Personal MedSystems GmbH
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 41
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Germany Telephone: 069 90720130 Email: Homepage:


Personal MedSystems GmbH
Wilhelm-Leuschner-Str. 41
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Germany Telephone: 069 90720130 Email: Homepage:

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