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Minimed 640 G

Product Type:
Blood glucose meter
Long-term meter (CGM system) in combination with insulin pump

Areas of Application:

The MiniMed System 640 G makes it possible to continuously read glucose values and trends on the display of the insulin pump. A glucose sensor is required for use, which the patient inserts into the subcutaneous fat - similar to an insulin infusion set. MiniMed 640 G enables the insulin supply to be interrupted at low glucose levels. This so-called hypo switch-off enables the prevention of severe hypoglycaemia.
Can be connected to the Contour Next Link 2.4 blood glucose meter without a trace.

Features / Components:
- Guardian Sensor 3 with a MARD * of 8.7%
- Sensor wearing time up to 7 days
- Guardian Link 3 transmitter transmits values to pump every 5 minutes
- wireless connection to insulin pump possible
- software solutions for doctor and patient
- a bolus can be delivered to the pump at the push of a button

Price (without guarantee):
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Medtronic GmbH


Medtronic GmbH

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