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Dexcom G6 Mobile CGM-System

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Blood glucose meter
Long-term measuring device (CGM system)

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Dexcom G6 Mobile CGM-System

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Mobile continuous glucose measurement in real time (rtCGM): With the Dexcom G6 CGM system, your sugar values, trends and automatic alarms go up directly Your mobile communication device for iOS or Android. The transmission takes place via Bluetooth technology.

Features / Components:

- Device with sensor, transmitter, receiver (transmitter) and display device
- Continuous measurement of the glucose content in the intercellular fluid of the subcutaneous fat
- 10-day sensor (wearing time from to to ten days)
- Sensor can be used with children from the age of two years, adolescents and adults
- rtCGM data and alarms can be shared with up to five other people
- small and flexible platinum thread for more stability and freedom of movement
- Glucose range 40 - 400 mg / dl or 2.2 - 22.2 mmol / l
- a current tissue sugar value every five minutes
- automatic alarms in the event of dangerous blood sugar changes
- new warning soon low value (urgent) informs 20 Minutes in advance before 3.1 mmol / l (55 mg / dl) is reached
- Dexcom CLARITY cloud-based reporting system
- Calibration every 12 hours - Blood glucose measurements can be reduced

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Dexcom Deutschland GmbH
Haifa-Allee 2
55128 Mainz
Germany Telephone: 0800 724 6447 Email: Homepage:


Dexcom Deutschland GmbH
Haifa-Allee 2
55128 Mainz
Germany Telephone: 0800 724 6447 Email: Homepage:

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The change Sel from Dexcom G4 Platinum and Dexcom G5 Mobile to Dexcom G6 is possible.



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