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Time Timer mit akustischem Signal

Product Type:
Learning clock
Daily schedule planner

The time timer is a teaching aid that makes it easier for children to understand time. Experience has shown that it is important for children in a class or a group room to develop a feeling for the speed of the passage of time in order to be able to use the available time frame sensibly. The basic idea is to visualize the passage of certain time periods more clearly than on a normal household clock. The bright red color field shows the available time at a glance without having to keep an eye on the watch. It is not yet necessary to be able to read the correct time. The ability to feel time, to feel how long a period of time lasts, is an important prerequisite for learning how to deal with time.
Most pre-primary and elementary school activities take place within 60-minute intervals. The 1-hour format of the time timer is therefore an advantage. At the beginning of an hour, the time timer is started, so that the children have constant control over the elapsing time and can see how much of the hour they have left.
Operation with an AA battery. Delivery without battery.

Technical Data:
Size: 18 x 18 cm

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Sport-Thieme GmbH


DUSYMA Kindergartenbedarf GmbH

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