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Lern-Uhr Zeit – Ampel

Product Type:

The time traffic light is a normal clock with digital display and stopwatch in one. The bright, long-lasting light gives a clear visual signal of how much time remains. The time traffic light is divided into three illuminated areas - green, yellow and red - which represent specific time periods. You can choose how long each section should last, or switch on the automatic. The time traffic light helps to develop a sense of time and can be used for all games and activities.

Features / Components:
- a certain signal tone can be assigned to each light section
- 6 different tones are available
- battery operation (Batteries not included)

Price (without guarantee):
39.90 EUR (retail price including VAT)
Price date: 07.10.2020



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Arnulf Betzold GmbH

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  • educational game /
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  • time sense /
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  • ISO 05 15 /
  • ISO 05 15 09



update status: 07.10.2020

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