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Bibelbilder zum Alten Testament Box I

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Bible pictures of the Old Testament

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Bibelbilder zum Alten Testament


From creation to Jonahs rebellion against Gods plans, the range of magnetic components extends. The biblical stories are set in scene with picture cards. The children can retell the stories along the pictures. You can work with the cards by moving them to clarify connections and relationships within the stories or express your own interpretations. In this way, children find age-appropriate access to the texts and their pictorial language. In the retelling of the biblical stories and their interpretation by the children, religious education becomes a lively narrative community.

The large impulse image is made up of 6 individual images (each 30 x 30 cm). It illustrates the creation story from Genesis, as well as the praise of creation according to Psalm 104. The additional card “Children under the rainbow” underlines the praise of the Creator and forms a bridge into the childrens world.

The picture cards illustrate the following Old Testament stories:

Noah, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Esau, Joseph, Mose, Ruth, David and Jonah.

There are various lesson ideas, brief theological information (When children ask) and worksheets for each of these subject areas. The often very extensive biblical text templates are presented in short narrative suggestions (with possible uses of the picture cards).

Material: large impulse picture (90 cm x 60 cm) and 53 magnetic picture cards (15 cm x 15 cm) as well as 9 word cards in a sturdy beech wood box. In addition, a map of “The Middle East” as an overhead film. Sturdy folder (136 pages) with worksheets and templates for copying.
(Text: Spectra Verlag)

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Price date: 01/28/2021

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