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Lernsoftware Fit in Biologie: Ökosystem See

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Learning software

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Lernsoftware Fit in Biologie: Ökosystem See

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- Biology lessons
- for students from grade 6/7


In three successive model scenarios, the complex effects of a bathing lake are gradually developed and simulated realistically. Via an Internet link to the University of Cologne, more detailed information suitable for schools can be called up on the lake ecosystem.

Der See 1:

See ohne Mensch. The functional structure of a lakes community is worked out. The plant is emphasized as a producer in its function as a food source for the consumers. Three consumer levels illustrate the food pyramid. The inclusion of first and second order destructors closes the food chain into a material cycle of minerals. The pupils can let various anthropogenically caused events occur (algae bloom due to nutrient input, release of fish, pollutant input etc.) and observe the effects in the material cycle of the community Two anthropogenic groups are added to the model, which can have a direct impact on the community of the lake: bathers and anglers. In the given scenario, the near-natural lake is discovered by adolescents who love bathing and turns into a very popular bathing lake over the course of a summer season (25 laps). As a result, the lake ecosystem experiences a significant input of nutrients. Two different means are available to the students to regulate the system and to prevent the collapse of the community in the lake: They can set up an environmental initiative and try to influence the bathers through this and / or with the help of anglers to restore nutrients to the lake

The lake 3:

Badesee 2 - In this third model, the biological community of the lake is shown expanded in its functional structure, in that the plants are emphasized as a food base and oxygen generator. As a result of the expansion, the system becomes much more complex and reacts more sensitively to interventions. In a given scenario, the students can choose between different initial states and suitable intervention options. You should try to influence the condition of the lake in such a way that it survives the summer season (25 laps) without tipping over or experiencing serious losses in the community. It is important to ensure that you work as effectively as possible and that as few action points as possible are used.

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