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DL Law

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Software for direct access to legal standards / specialist information on a PC

Areas of Application:

DL Law offers blind people in connection with EasyTask and askSam direct access to legal standards. Abbreviations are defined for laws, for example EStG. By entering estg 15a, paragraph 15a in the law is immediately brought to the Braille display. Abbreviations for any number of laws can be created. In principle, every paragraph of every law can be displayed quickly.

In addition to direct access, there is the option of performing a full-text search in the paragraphs of a law. The paragraphs in which the search terms appear with an AND link are displayed. Other logical operators can be used. DL Law automatically imports one or more laws into askSam files via a profile and automatically documents the documents. Each paragraph is saved as a single logical unit. Just as quickly and easily as you can access laws, you can also access other types of information, such as specialist information on various fields of knowledge, data for support, addresses, etc.

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Dräger & Lienert Informationsmanagement GbR


Dräger & Lienert Informationsmanagement GbR

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