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Product Type:
Alternative input device

Areas of Application:
- Keyboard replacement for controlling a computer,
- If a computer keyboard cannot be operated due to existing movement restrictions, e.g. B. in:
- tetraplegia, muscular dystrophy

The Wergen keyboard is an alternative input device for computers that can also be used as a keyboard replacement. The keyboard consists of a panel (USB connection to the computer) with a moving light point on which all keys of the standard keyboard are shown. The light point can be operated with a stick or joystick such as the actuator type 102 (sensor cartridge with stick) or with the four direction keys.
The special structure of the program makes it possible to reach each letter with a maximum of three joystick movements Input device can also (or additionally) be used to operate wheelchairs. An operation of communication aids, such as. B. the Delta Talker is also possible.
The Wergen keyboard can be operated like a standard keyboard without additional software on the computer and thus runs with all conventional and future programs and operating systems.

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Wergen Systemtechnik


Wergen Systemtechnik

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