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DL EasyTask 6.1

Product Type:
Software to increase productivity

Areas of Application:
EasyTask is used by the blind, visually impaired, sighted and people with motor impairments. The program is an integral part of almost all of the workplace equipment we supply and is used wherever blind people work with computers. It is used by authorities, courts, ministries, schools, universities, industrial companies and associations, among others. The integration in SAP environments and IBM Lotus Notes is unproblematic and very useful.

DL EasyTask is a program that increases the productivity of blind computer users. It simplifies and speeds up work processes, compensates for blindness-related speed disadvantages and thereby increases the competitiveness as well as the professional chances of blind people. These are easy to use, create and change yourself. Individual steps can be bundled into a job and automated. Measuring, cutting, grinding and depositing are z. B. to an operation that is done automatically. These operations are given meaningful names and practical abbreviations. EasyTask has a modular structure.

Creation of EasyTask jobs
The provider delivers EasyTask 4.0 with a number of useful jobs. The process is quiet, fast and efficient. The user creates or modifies other jobs according to their own needs.

Some examples of helpful jobs:
gb = business letter. EasyTask opens a new Word document with a defined template
ne = new email. Outlook starts with a new mail.
As + search term = search address. The address application is started and the focus is in the hit list.

Areas of application and job types
- Direct access to files and directories: By entering agbdoc z. For example, the general terms and conditions are displayed in Word.
- Direct access to the Internet and intranet: Frequently used pages or search queries are started immediately. The Braille display is automatically positioned on the result.
- Knowledge tool: Know-how and text modules: Knowledge that can be called up immediately is available for areas such as support and information. Parts of the text can be entered in all editors or input fields. So z. For example, legal information can be provided without having to write extensive texts on a case-by-case basis.
- Macromodule: EasyTask can remember what you have done and therefore take on tedious routine tasks. Workflows can be recorded and linked with EasyTask actions. Similar to the scripts of a screen reader, the EasyTask macros are combined with application programs and thus also accessible to inaccessible software parts.
- Direct access to screen reader functions: Instead of having to remember complicated key combinations, you can simply search for functions. This drastically reduces the learning effort for screen readers.

Do I have to remember the abbreviations?
EasyTask offers different ways to activate jobs. You dont have to remember an abbreviation in the full text search. Experience has shown that most users only remember the abbreviations that they often need. Alternatively, EasyTask jobs can also be started using switches and so-called RFID radio tags. A document can thus be linked to the digital content.

Use EasyTask in a team
The jobs can be saved locally and / or in the cloud. If more than one computer is used, the jobs can be used with any computer. EasyTask jobs are mostly easy to create. Programmers can also create complicated jobs. These are exchanged and shared across a pool, which opens up new opportunities for teamwork.

International sales:
International EasyTask is marketed via UR-Able in Canada under the product name ALT.

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