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MABEF M/30 Mal-Arbeitstisch

Product Type:
Painting work table for wheelchair users

Mobile painting workplace with 4 wheels (2 of which can be locked for a stable stand). The canvas holder can be converted into a drawing table, whereby the table inclination can be adjusted continuously from horizontal to vertical using 2 wing screws. This work table is therefore suitable for almost all painting techniques: oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel and all drying techniques. 3 drawers and a large storage compartment allow you to store brushes, paints, water cups and other painting materials. The tools can be accommodated on the two side working areas of 35 x 40 cm. The painting workplace is also suitable for wheelchair users.

Technical Data:
Depth: 60 cm
Image support: min. 150 cm, max. 185 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Height table: approx. 75 cm
For stretcher: up to 10 kg

Price (without guarantee):
699.72 EUR
Retail price including VAT
Price date: 06/10/2020

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MABEF - M.A.B.E.F. S.r.l.


Johannes Gerstäcker Verlag GmbH

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