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Listen Up! Gesamtpaket CD 1-5 / Listen Up! Gesamtpaket CD 1-6

Product Type:
CD Music Training for Hearing Implant Carriers

Areas of Application:
- Hearing Training
- Training Musical Skills
- Hearing Impair
- Hearing Implant Carrier
- Cochlear Implant Carrier

The CD collection includes exercises on basic musical elements , Melody and rhythm recognition, differentiation of different instruments up to more complex musical listening tasks. The CD offers implant wearers the first access to the world of listening to music. The listener is asked to solve different tasks and to expand his music perception piece by piece.

Listen Up! CD 1 - auditory training for beginners
Listen Up! CD 2 - Advanced listening training
Listen Up! CD 3 - Music training for beginners
Listen Up! CD 4 - Listening Crossword Puzzle
Listen Up! CD 5 - Basic Training
Listen Up! CD 6 - Advanced Music Training

Price (without guarantee):
14.99 EUR including VAT. Unit Price
70.00 EUR including VAT for Listen Up! Complete package CD 1-5
82.00 EUR including VAT for Listen Up! Complete package CD 1-6
Retail price
Price Date: 28.11.2016

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MED-EL Elektromedizinische Geräte Deutschland GmbH

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