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Assistive Product Lympha Press Behandlungsmanschetten und Zubehör

Product Type:

Accessories for Compression Therapy Device
Treatment Cuffs


Air chambers in the groin area ensure decongestion beyond the proximal extremity. Foot, leg, groin, hip and abdominal areas are fully integrated into the trouser cuff without the hassle of connecting individual cuffs together.

Features / Components:

  • double-walled cuffs without exception
  • made of skin-friendly and very durable material
  • depending on the type of cuff, with zip or Velcro fastener
  • hose sets can be individually connected to the compression cells and replaced
  • in case of damage, individual chambers can be replaced
  • Compression cells are overlapped and individually fixed against slipping
  • over 40 different standard sizes for optimal fit
  • for arm cuffs shoulder caps are available for right and left
trouser cuff:
  • one-piece trouser cuff with 24 overlapping air chambers
  • triple size adjustable
  • can be additionally extended by expanders
  • heel flaps for ankle articulation
  • enclosed foot area

Price (without guarantee):

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Villa Sana GmbH & Co. Medizinische Produkte KG
Hauptstr. 10
91798 Weiboldshausen
Germany Telephone: 09141 8546-0 Email: Homepage:


  • Boot cuffs
  • Arm cuffs
  • Shoulder caps
  • Hip cuffs
  • Trouser cuffs
  • Jacket cuffs
  • Expander



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Last Update: 29 Nov 2022