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Assistive Product Lympha Jacket | Expander für Jackenmanschette

Product Type:

24-chamber jacket cuff for Lympha Press devices


The jacket cuff enables seamless decongestion from the fingertips to the upper quadrants of the trunk and prevents congestion in the back and thorax area. The bilateral therapy prevents the edema from moving to other quadrants of the trunk.
The Lympha Jacket has 24 overlapping air chambers, is size-adjustable and can also be expanded in the back, chest area and arms using expanders.

Features / Components:

The jacket cuff can be connected to all Lympha Press 12-chamber devices.
- 12-chamber device Lympha Press mini

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Villa Sana GmbH & Co. Medizinische Produkte KG
Hauptstr. 10
91798 Weiboldshausen
Germany Telephone: 09141 8546-0 Email: Homepage:

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Description Lympha Press Cuffs
Dimension tables of the Lympha Press cuffs can be viewed in the Villa Sana product catalog.



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