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Lympha press devices are therapy devices for intermittent pneumatic compression, IPK for short. They enable an effective and gentle treatment of lymphedema, lipoedema and traumatic edema, venous congestion and ulcers. They can also be used for thrombosis prophylaxis.

Intermittent compression can be prescribed by the physician as a home therapy device in justified cases. It is a recognized aid, which is provided by the health insurance funds after the application for the patient for lifetime.

The devices are 12-chamber systems, which produce an infinitely variable pressure in the intermittent and sequential manner in arm, boot, hip cuffs as well as in trouser cuffs. The pressure can be adjusted between 20 and 80 mmHg, in clinics also up to 180 mmHg. The sleeves available for LymphaPress are available in more than 40 different sizes, each of which can be adjusted in three sizes.

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