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Beluga-Sandwesten | Gewichtswesten

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Sand vests, weight vests, pressure vests, weighting vests

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Beluga-Sandwesten, Gewichtswesten

Areas of Application:

(information provided by the provider)
- Perception disorder
- Improvement of gross motor skills and fine motor skills
- Postural disorder
- Movement training
- Attention disorder
- Perception disorder
- Trisomy 21
- Autism
- Dementia


(information from the provider)
Through the interaction of even weight and pressure distribution, stimulation of the trunk muscles and thus the nerve tracts is achieved. This creates an immediate stabilization of the body balance, which enables better orientation in space.
Perception is increased, which increases cognitive performance. Recommended wearing time max. 30 minutes.

Features / Components:

- Material: Upper: elastic and three-dimensional special textile
- Filling: washed quartz sand
- Materials washable and suitable for allergy sufferers
- Weight levels from 1.2 to 5.5 kg

Price (without guarantee):

139.00 to 199.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
retail price
price date: 23.01.2020

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Beluga Tauchsport GmbH
Bremer Str. 13
27383 Scheeßel
Germany Telephone: 0251 6733680 Email: Homepage:


Beluga Tauchsport GmbH
Unternehmensbereich Beluga-HEALTHCARE
Bremer Str. 13
27383 Scheeßel
Germany Telephone: 0251 6733680 Email: Homepage:

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