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Phlebo Press Behandlungsmanschetten und Zubehör

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Phlebo Press, 4-chamber home therapy device

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  1. Stiefelmanschette
  2. Vier-Kammmer-Heimtherapiegerät
  3. Vier-Kammmer-Heimtherapiegerät


- venous edema
- Ulcus cruris venosum
- Thrombosis prophylaxis
- chronic venous insufficiency
Postthrombotic syndrome


- fresh myocardial infarction
- congestive heart failure
- Pulmonary edema
- cardiac and renal edema
- thrombophlebitis, thrombosis or thrombosis
- Erysipelas
- malignant lymphedema
- lower trauma
- Tumors in the proximal discharge area
- Pain during the AIK


Phlebopress devices are therapy devices for intermittent pneumatic compression, IPK for short. They are used for the stasis of venous edema.

Features / Components:

- variable compression pressure of 20 to 80 mmHg
- Interval interval adjustable from 4 to 60 seconds
- treatment time adjustable up to 60 minutes
- Automatic shutdown
- easy to use
- effective, fast, painless and gentle treatment
- simultaneous treatment of two legs possible
- portable due to low weight

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Villa Sana GmbH & Co. Medizinische Produkte KG
Hauptstr. 10
91798 Weiboldshausen
Germany Telephone: 09141 8546-0 Email: Homepage:

Options / Accessories:

- Boot cuff with zipper (6 sizes available)
- Boot cuff consists of 4 individually pressure-controlled chambers
- Expander for boot cuffs (for the circumference extension of 10 cm each)
- One-way cuff with zipper
- Tubing set for 2nd limb



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