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Assistive Product VADOplex

Product Type:

Compression device for impulse compression therapy


- rapid decongestion in acute edema of the upper and lower extremities (e.g. post-traumatic and postoperative)
- rapid decongestion in chronic vascular edema of the arms and legs (e.g. CVI - chronic venous insufficiency, therapy support for chronic lymphedema)
- compartment prophylaxis in case of severe soft tissue damage
- prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis
- ulcera cruris with different causes (venous, arterial, mixed)
- diabetic foot syndrome (also with ulceration)
- peripheral arterial occlusive disease (pAVK) and arterial circulatory disorders of the extremities (also with revascularizable situations)


(absolute Contraindications)
- In patients in whom increased return flow to the heart could have a negative effect e.E.g.,
- decompensated heart failure or severe nonadjustable
- hyperthonia
- acute thrombophlebitis (phlebitis)
- acute deep vein thrombosis
- full-blown compartment syndrome (with necrosis of the musculature)
Relative Contraindications (after consideration of the benefits and risks by the treating physician):
-Pulmonary embolism
- Severe infection of the treated extremity


Modern edema and vascular management.
Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices are used to improve blood flow, especially micro- and macrocirculation of the lower and upper extremities.
VADOplex also belongs to the group of IPC devices, but with the special feature of intermittent impulse compression (IIK/engl. IIC). This means that the pressure pulse (built up within 0.4 seconds) is delivered at regular intervals to the venous plexus of the sole of the foot or the venous plexus of the hand.
In addition to increased blood return in the veins, VADOplex, in contrast to devices with slower pulse build-up, causes activation of nitric oxide (NO) production at the endothelium of the vein, which releases NO. Among other things, NO has a relaxing effect on the vascular musculature and causes improved blood flow, particularly in the adjacent arterial vessels.
With IIK, VADOplex offers one of the most effective and gentle methods for improving micro- and macrocirculation. The VADOplex system is designed to be used both in the clinic by professionals and at home by patients. The device works with easy-to-apply hand and/or foot pads. If application is not possible due to wounds on the sole of the foot or after amputation, a calf pad can be requested from the manufacturer.

Features / Components:

- Improvement of micro- and macrocirculation
- Removal of tissue fluids via the venous system
- Reduction of swelling pre- and postoperati

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer/distributor.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Further Product Details

Further Information

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Please contact the manufacturer or distributor.


Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:


Oped GmbH
Medizinpark 1
83626 Valley
Germany Telephone: 08024 60818-210 Email: Homepage:


- VADOplex Professional for use in clinical/practical settings
- VADOplex Homecare for use in the home environment

VADOplex may only be used with the cuffs (pads) provided. These are available for hand and/or foot. The foot pads are available in two sizes each for left and right and can be ordered individually, in pairs or as a box of 5 pairs. VADOplex foot pads are also available for use under the VACOped to treat injuries to the foot and ankle. Hand pads are available in universal size for left or right.
Pads are single-patient products and should not be used or reprocessed for multiple patients.

Order numbers:
VXSY-01-1 VADOplex Professional/Homecare
VXSY-06-1 VADOplex Homecare
VXSY-09-1 VADOplex Homecare

VXFP-01-1-M-LI VADOplex Foot Pad, size Medium (37-41), left
VXFP-01-1-M-RE VADOplex Foot Pad, Size Medium (37-41), right

VXFP-01-1-L-LI VADOplex Foot Pad, Size Large (42-47), left
VXFP-01-1-L-RE VADOplex Foot Pad, Size Large (42-47), right

VXFP-02-1-M Pair of VADOplex Foot Pads, Size Medium (37-41)
VXFP-02-1-L Pair of VADOplex Foot Pads, Size Large (42-47)

VXFP-05-1-M Box of 5 pairs of VADOplex Foot Pads, Size Medium (37-41)
VXFP-05-1-L Box of 5 pairs of VADOplex Foot Pads, Size Large (42-47)

VXCP-03-1 VADOplex Undercast Pad for VACOped/VACOped Diabetic

VXHP-04-1-LI VADOplex Hand Pad, left
VXHP-04-1-RE VADOplex Hand Pad, right

Technical Data:

Dimensions (HxDxW): 23 x 15.5 x 35 cm
Weight: 4.3 kg

Billing options for inpatient use:
Interested parties have the option to review and, if necessary, use the following GOÄ digits.
Item 525: Intermittent apparative compression therapy on one extremity (35 points per session, single rate)
Item 526: Intermittent apparative compression therapy on several
extremities (55 points per session, single rate)



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