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A-V Impulse System

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A-V Impulse System

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A-V Impulse System

Areas of Application:

- risky thrombosis prophylaxis
- swelling and compartmental prophylaxis
- Circulation disorders and ulcer healing


- severe heart failure
- acute existing thrombosis or pulmonary embolism
- acute phlebitis (venous inflammation)
- severe infections in the treated limb

In the case of sensory disturbances on the treated limb, close monitoring of the skin sites which come into contact with the pressure chamber of the cuff is necessary. Likewise in the case of existing diabetes mellitus with sensory disturbances (polyneuropathy).


The system imitates the natural process of walking, while the person concerned lies or sits. The venous braid is expressed by a compression pulse and the blood flows upwards towards the heart.

Features / Components:

- fast and effective therapy for edema and swelling of the upper and lower limbs
- may reduce hospital stay
- Relieving the nursing staff by eliminating ice cooling and winding
- highly effective thrombo-embolism prophylaxis
- free from unwanted side effects by imitation of walking
- risikolose application (also applicable without problems in arterial diseases)
- only the foot is required
- even patients with gypsum, external fixator or surgical wounds on the entire leg can be supplied
- permanent therapy of venous and arterial ulcer cruris as well as PAVK-sympthomatics
- billable according to GOÄ

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OxyCare GmbH
Holzweide 6
28307 Bremen
Germany Telephone: 0421 489966 Email: Homepage:


- AV 6000-G, A-V Impulse system complete, with compressor
- AV 6006-Ger, A-V Impulse system complete, with compressed air connection for silent operation

Ankle Weights:
Item number AV-750-1, 1 pair, size large
Item number AV-750-5, 5 pairs, size large, advantage box
Item number AV-750-1L, 1 cuff (left), size large
Item number AV-750-1R, 1 cuff (right), size large

Item number AV-740-1, 1 pair, size medium
Item number AV-740-5, 5 pairs, size medium, advantage box
Item number AV-740-1L, 1 cuff (left), size medium
Item number AV-740-1R, 1 cuff (right), size medium

Item number AV-730-1, 1 pair, size small
Item number AV-730-5, 5 pairs, size small, advantage box
Item number AV-730-1L, 1 cuff (left), size small
Item number AV-730-1R, 1 cuff (right), size small



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