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VenoTrain delight - Bein

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Compression stockings, KKL 2 to 4

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Venotrain delight


- Indications and contraindications see document D/00200

Features / Components:

- flat knitted compression stocking for intensive care
- delightFull effect:complete surface and depth effect on the veins
- latex-free yarn for good skin tolerance
- air permeable, breathable two-piece knitted fabric
- Leggings of the pantyhose with raised leg cut and highly elastic seams
- special heel shape for the targeted relief of extreme anatomical forms
- wide end cuffs
- easy loading and unloading
- custom made
- Glider for compression stockings see document D/00174

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The price is available on request via the manufacturer / distributor.

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Bauerfeind AG
Triebeser Str. 16
07937 Zeulenroda
Germany Telephone: 036628 66-1000 Email: Homepage:


Bauerfeind AG
Triebeser Str. 16
07937 Zeulenroda
Germany Telephone: 036628 66-1000 Email: Homepage:

Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe


Serial production:
- Compression stocking AD (KKL 2 to 4): with tricot, nub (3/5 cm)
- Compression garment AF (KKL 2 to 4): with tricot edge, knob (5 cm)
- Compression stocking AG (KKL 2 to 4): with tricot edge, knob (5 cm), hip fastening
- Compression stocking AT, ET, CT, BD (KKL 2 and 3): with tricot edge
- Compression stockings AT, with T-heel
- Compression stocking BG, CG and DG (KKL 2 and 3): with tricot edge, nub (5 cm)
- toe (open / closed / oblique open): compression stockings AD, AF, AG and AT
- viscoelastic pads: compression stockings AD, AF and AG (alternatively with T-heel or pad)
- Color: caramel

Custom made:
Foot and toe part, compression class 1 to 3, color caramel



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