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STRUZZO elektrisch fahrbarer Freistehbarren

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Electrically mobile free standing bar

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STRUZZO elektrisch fahrbarer Freistehbarren


This aid enables the user to adopt and maintain an upright posture while moving freely indoors without assistance.
The uprighting aid has a control housing with joystick and two motors that allow independent movements. Numerous adjustment options ensure that the Struzzo can be optimally adapted to the patient's physical characteristics.
The height-adjustment of the aid with the outward sitting position allows safe and easy access. When changing seats from the wheelchair to the Struzzo, the height adjustment allows the seat to remain horizontal and parallel to the user's seat height at all times.
The independent and depth-adjustable footplates reduce the distance between the user sitting in the wheelchair and the Struzzo. This allows the feet to be placed on the aid in a supporting position. The foot plates can be adjusted at any time, even when the user is already in the Struzzo.
The supporting frame adapts to the user's height thanks to an electric motor. At the same time, knee, side and upper body supports are adjusted for increased safety and comfort of the user.

Features / Components:

- Back Belt
- Leg Strap
- Cushion for standard seat plate
- Cushion for long seat plate
- Foot Strap
- Slide pocket for long seat plate
- Side pads
- Side pads incl. buttock guidance
- Fuselage support incl. mounting material

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Örtliche Sanitätshäuser und Orthopädie-technische Fachbetriebe

Technical Data:

depth: 90,5 cm
Total height: 112,3 to 132,3 cm
width outside: 59,5 cm
Width inside (between the wheels): 46.6 cm
Underclearance: 31 mm
Brakes: on the rear rollers
maximum step height that can be overcome: 20 mm
maximum negotiable slope: 2 degrees
Upper body support: movable - erectable
Verticalisation: servo-supported, electrical
Power supply: rechargeable batteries
height adjustment: electrical
average charging time battery: 8 hours
Running time: 3 to 4 days with normal use 2.5 hours real running time
Emergency stop switch: Standard
Speed (adjustable): 2.5 km/h
Body height: 140 to 200 cm
Body weight max.: 140 kg



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