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Assistive Product Stehtrainer EasyStand Evolv Glider

Product Type:

Standing exercise machine with movement training


The functions of a standing exercise machine are extended in this model by the integrated movement function. This is mechanical and is performed using two counter-rotating arm bars, which are connected to the pedal footrests via a joint so that the legs are automatically moved as well.
The training can also be supported by the active muscles in the legs.
The movement is possible both in active, i.e. independent standing, and in passive, i.e. supported standing. Various movement resistances can be set.

Features / Components:

  • active and passive standing possible
  • with mechanical movement function that trains the leg muscles
  • suitable for heights between 120 and 190 cm (model M/L)
  • can be loaded up to (up to 130 kg)

Price (without guarantee):

The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.

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Motion Solutions GmbH
moso - Easystand
Karlsstr. 8
42897 Remscheid
Germany Telephone: 02191 20900420 Email: Homepage:

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