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Stehsystem MINI STANDY

Product Type:

Standing support for children from 5 to 14 years

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Stehsystem MINI STANDY

Areas of Application:

- Standing support
- Standing Exercise Machine
- Cerebral Palsy
- Muscular dystrophy
- Muscular disorder
- Posture correction
- Training of the sense of balance
- Child from 5 to 14 years


The straps provide the child with play or fixation as required, allowing controlled movement of the upper body.

Features / Components:

- tool-free adjustment possible
- Standing support frame
- Foot fixations, depth adjustable, width adjustable
- Knee pads, height adjustable, depth adjustable, width adjustable
- Lap belt, padded
- Chest strap, padded
- Therapy table, birch wood, height adjustable
- Birch wood footboard
- four swivel castors (twin wheels)
- available in three sizes (up to 35-45-55 kg)

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Ormesa S.r.l.
Via A. Da Sangallo, 1
06034 Foligno
Italy Telephone: +39 742 22927 Email: Homepage:


Ormesa GmbH
Ulmenstr. 37 - 39
60325 Frankfurt
Germany Telephone: 069 710330-18 Email: Homepage:

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