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Stehtrainer EasyStand Zing (für Säuglinge & Kleinkinder)

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Standing exercise device

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Stehtrainer EasyStand Zing (für Säuglinge & Kleinkinder)


The EasyStand Zing is already suitable for infants, but also for toddlers and children up to a size of 112 cm and 32 kg body weight. Its modular design makes it easy to adapt to different body sizes and support needs so that the standing trainer can be used for many years. Due to the multi-adjustable foot rests, knee pads and calf pads used as standard, contractures can be counteracted and prevented without the need for special equipment.
The therapy table can be adjusted in angle as well as swiveled to the left or right, the transfer can be done as well Positioning can also be done horizontally, which significantly reduces the effort.
As a standing trainer, the zing allows the child to lie horizontally on its back. In a single movement, this can be varied up to a prone position up to 20 degrees.
The child can be positioned optimally and alternately at any time, for example to prevent pressure points, to train the upper body muscles and head control or to relieve the muscles. For double control and security, the gas spring can be unlocked in two ways - by foot pedal or by hand.

Features / Components:

- specially developed for the needs of infants and toddlers
- suitable up to a size of 112 cm and one Body weight of 32 kg
- modular design, therefore versatile adaptable to growth and in therapy
- positioning while standing
- absolutely horizontal supine possible
- mobile application options thanks to castors
- hip expansion of up to 30 degrees per leg enables therapy of childrens hip dysplasia without other aids

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Motion Solutions GmbH
moso - Easystand
Karlsstr. 8
42897 Remscheid
Germany Telephone: 02191 20900420 Email: Homepage:

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