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Assistive Product Stehtrainer EasyStand Evolv Basic/Standard

Product Type:

Standing exercise device


The device is aimed at the standing position. The EasyStand Evolv enables individual positioning and can be adapted to changing requirements, e.g. The seat is shaped so that the pelvic guidance is guaranteed even when standing and no pressure is exerted on the thighs. The wide seat and the open construction offer suitable conditions for the transfer. Transfer with a patient lift is also possible. In order to position the patient precisely without causing shear movements on the backrest or on the seat during the erection process, the mechanics are adapted to the bodys own joint functions. This means that the headrest, upper body support and the therapy table remain in the same positional relationship to the body in every phase of straightening and sitting down.
In the EasyStand Evolv it is possible to gradually straighten up and get used to standing. In the upright end position, the pelvis, legs and ankles are stretched out and positioned in the correct axis. Due to the adjustable foot rests and knee supports, the legs are guided so that they are at a natural hip width apart.

Features / Components:

- Sitting / standing function
- Two steerable 5-inch rear wheels
- Adjustable foot plates
- Chest strap
- hydraulic standing device with lever mechanism (electrically supported on standard model)
- standard knee pad that can be swiveled up
- split knee pad (on standard model)
- table column with height and depth adjustment
- guided therapy table transparent (on standard model)

Price (without guarantee):

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Motion Solutions GmbH
moso - Easystand
Karlsstr. 8
42897 Remscheid
Germany Telephone: 02191 20900420 Email: Homepage:

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