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Assistive Product ema by ezyGain

Product Type:

Treadmill for balance and gait rehabilitation.

Areas of Application:

- Therapy for gait and balance disorders
- People in wheelchairs
- balance training
- proprioception
- Real-time analysis of gait training


Routes can be simulated and visualized via a screen. Patients can choose from more than 15 different visualized routes and landscapes. This is intended to increase motivation and give the training a playful and stimulating character.
More than 10 games are available for use as balance trainers. These motivate patients to move in all directions in a playful manner.
Progress and development are stored in the individual profile. This allows a personal and objective analysis of the training progress.
Due to the sensory system under the entire running surface, the treadmill can be used as a balance trainer...
The flat ramp and lifting system with integrated lift, as well as a waist belt, also reduce the physical strain on the person doing the treatment.

Price (without guarantee):

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Made for Movement
Rodmyrlia 2
3740 Skien
Norway Telephone: +47 35 50512-0 Homepage:


Made for Movement GmbH
Niedersachsenstr. 25a
30853 Langenhagen
Germany Telephone: 0511 2348160 Email: Homepage:

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