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Tipphilfe mit Handklemme

Product Type:
Typing aid with hand clamp

Areas of Application:
- Hand disability
- Joint disease

The typing aid with hand clamp help, various keyboards, e.g. B. to use a keyboard, a computer, a telephone or a computer. The flexible material makes it possible to achieve the most ideal shape. You can let your middle finger rest on the plastic guide. At the end there is a cap made of non-slip material, so it is easier to press the keyboard. The typing aid is also suitable for turning the pages of books and magazines.

Price (without guarantee):
29.19 EUR including VAT (sales)
End-user price



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Alltagshilfen Schmid Renate
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  • hand impairment /
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  • arthropathy /
  • ISO 24 18 /
  • ISO 24 18 15 /
  • hand function or finger function /
  • assistive product for arm function, hand function or finger function



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