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Kinova JACO Roboterarm

Product Type:
Robotic Arm

Areas of Application:
(Provider Information)
- Wrist Harassment
- Hand Impairment
- Wheelchair
- Tetraplegia
- Muscle Atrophy
- Neuromuscular Disease
- Self-Eating, Drinking, and Grasping
- Opening Doors, Drawers, Cabinets
- operate elevator doors and traffic light switches
- use of means of communication
- can get in the face z. B. Adjustment of Glasses

The robot arm was designed to perform everyday tasks. The provider mentions activities such as eating, drinking, moving objects, grabbing objects, daily grooming or communication.
Attached to the power wheelchair, it is integrated into the wheelchair control system and can be used to control the wheelchair.
After a workout, the user should be able to independently carry out activities of daily life again.

Features / Components:
- Arm moves with low noise and with six degrees of freedom
- 3-Finger Gripper
- Made of carbon (5.2 kg)
- Range 90 cm
- Battery of electric wheelchair supplies arm with electricity
- Storage of recurrent and trained movements
- Sensitivity to the fragile (egg) and solid (glass) gripping
- Lateral mounting on an electric wheelchair, without significant impact on overall width
- with individual control variants

Price (without guarantee):
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Kinova inc.


Kinova Europe GmbH
Assistive Technologies

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