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Flex-Ion Finger-Hand-Trainer

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Hand trainer for training individual fingers

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  1. Flex-Ion Finger-Hand-Trainer
  2. Flex-Ion Finger-Hand-Trainer
  3. Flex-Ion Finger-Hand-Trainer


The exercise system is used to develop strength, flexibility and coordination of individual fingers. Since each finger is trained on its own spring, weaker fingers cannot be compensated for by stronger fingers.

With this small device, the fingers can be strengthened individually and individually. Finger mobility is increased at the same time, as is the coordination of the muscles in the hand and forearm.

Digi-Flex is available in five different strengths. The system consists of five color-coded units with different resistances. Instructions for use with exercise examples are included.

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19.45 EUR including VAT (Haba)
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HABA Sales GmbH & Co. KG
August-Grosch-Str. 28 - 38
96476 Bad Rodach
Germany Telephone: 09564 929-0 Email: Homepage:

Kübler Sport GmbH
Karl-Ferdinand-Braun-Str. 3
71522 Backnang
Germany Telephone: 07191 9570-0 Email: Homepage:

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Handle thickness: 0.68 kg; 1.4 kg; 2.3 kg; 3.2 kg; 4.1 kg



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