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AFH Fingergewichte Deluxe

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Finger weights

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  2. AFH Fingergewichte Deluxe
  3. AFH Fingergewichte Deluxe

Areas of Application:

- Finger training device
- Hand training device
- Coordination
- Fine motor skills


The finger weights are designed for strengthening fingers and hands. In addition, they are suitable for optimizing coordination and fine motor skills.
In addition to various exercise examples, various activities in everyday life (e.g. cooking) or playing the piano as a hobby can also be adapted as training in the meantime.
The AFH finger weights can either be adapted between the 1st and 2nd or between the 2nd and 3rd finger joint
Depending on the level of training, 1 to 3 weights per finger can be used for training. It is recommended to always start the training with one weight per finger.
Individual fingers can also be practiced individually.


- 15 finger weights a 11g
- 5 finger carrier sleeves in different colors
- Transport bag
- Packaging / box

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49.95 EUR including VAT (sales)
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