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Product Type:
Electronic gripping aid / arm support

Areas of Application:
- Independent eating and drinking in an upright body position
- Use of communication tools
- Faster and longer keyboard operation
- Being able to grasp your head and face again

The aid individually compensates for the lack of muscle strength and replaces the functions that have failed von Darwing have gripping and holding functions of the hands, but a dwindling residual muscular strength. Darwing compensates for the users lack of muscle strength. He is therefore forced to use his remaining strength, which helps to maintain it.
People with muscular deficits often have problems with eating, as the movement sequence required for this requires very complex movements.
Darwing adjusts the amount of muscle strength compensation to the position of the arm . As a result, the user receives the same support - regardless of whether he puts his hand to his mouth or uses his arm to write. The movement system can map physiological movement sequences, which makes eating easier.
With the Darwing, sliding, wide and expansive movements are possible. The construction of the Darwing with its compact forearm support and upper arm guide allows maximum freedom of movement on the level, such as. B. long over a table surface.

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Focal Meditech BV


Focal Meditech BV

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