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Gripability e3

Product Type:
Electro-pneumatic gripping aid

Areas of Application:
- Paraplegia
- Tetraplegia
- Loss of limbs
- Amputation
- Muscle disease
- Hand disability
- Restricted hand function

Gripability is an automatic handling system for people with restricted gripping and holding functions.
It enables its user to independently handle a wide variety of utensils, such as drinking vessels, cutlery, hair and toothbrushes, writing tools, and much more in everyday life. Handling means that the user can pick up things without assistance, bring them into a secure, firm grip for use and put them down again.

With Gripability, an automatically operated gripper on the hand or another part of the body of the user is adapted so that he, his Corresponding possibilities, maximum flexibility in reaching and handling the utensils gains.
Opening and closing as well as the force of the gripper are controlled by the user with the help of a circuit that is individually adapted to his needs - from the hand switch to mouth control and voice control are all Solutions are possible depending on the type of handicap.

The system is operated with a mobile energy supply. With the compressed air variant, the compressed air reservoirs are filled with a compressor.

Price (without guarantee):
On request from: Gripability GmbH




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Gripability GmbH


Gripability GmbH

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