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Product Type:
Cup holder with gooseneck and clamp fastening

Areas of Application:
- Independent drinking from normal drinking vessels without using your hands

The clamps enable the drinking aid to be attached to round or flat parts. The clamps are suitable for mounting on tables, care beds, other furnishings or wheelchairs.
The tilt function enables the drinking aid to be swiveled (360 degrees) and tilted (180 degrees). It is fixed in the desired position with a cross screw. The panhead can be opened by loosening the cross-head screw, allowing it to be removed from the fastening part (or from the clamp) if necessary. The movable gooseneck with a length of 30 cm has a matt chrome-plated surface.
It can be used for drinking glasses as well as for PET drinking bottles (no glass bottles).
Opening width: 0-42 mm or 0-26 mm
Height: continuously adjustable from 65-74 mm

Order number: Clamp: length gooseneck:
31-13 26 mm gooseneck 30 cm
31-15 26 mm, gooseneck 40 cm
31-23 42 mm, gooseneck 30 cm
31-25 42 mm, gooseneck 40 cm

Price (without guarantee):
213.00 including VAT (sales)
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jonas-care UG

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