Assistive Product
Neofect Smart Pegboard

Product Type:

Hand and finger training device

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Neofect Smart Pegboard

Areas of Application:

- Movement training device
- Upper extremity rehabilitation training
- finger exercise device
- hand exerciser
- Physical therapy


Various geometric figures can be placed on interchangeable combination plates. Multi-sensory feedback through speech and sound effects provides motivation during training. A digital training program provides results-oriented digital rehabilitation training for the upper extremities for visual, spatial and cognitive skills. High-intensity LEDs provide visual cues for the placement of the pegs.

Features / Components:

- visual and acoustic functions
- visual feedback
- auditory feedback

Price (without guarantee):

EUR 2,201.50 including VAT (sales)
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NEOFECT Germany GmbH
Marcel-Breuer-Str. 15
80807 München
Germany Telephone: 089 59081302 Email: Homepage:


TRS Med GmbH
Am Wachtelberg 5
14542 Werder Havel
Germany Telephone: 0178 2940675 Email: Homepage:

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