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Neofect Smart Board

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Arm training device

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  1. Neofect Smart Board
  2. Neofect Smart Board

Areas of Application:

- Movement training device
- Arm training device
- Arm rehabilitation
- Shoulder disease
- Elbow disease
- Physiotherapy
- Biofeedback
- Brain damage
- Stroke


(Information provided by the provider)
Das Neofect Smart Board is suitable for patients with restricted functional movements due to damage in the shoulder or elbow joints.
The Smartboard supports rehabilitation to regain normal arm function.
The available games fulfill two functions: improving the active range of motion of the joints and improving control.
With the Neofect Smart Board, patients can experience sustainable rehabilitation in an interesting way thanks to various training measures.

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NEOFECT Germany GmbH
Marcel-Breuer-Str. 15
80807 München
Germany Telephone: 089 59081302 Email: Homepage:


TRS Med GmbH
Am Wachtelberg 5
14542 Werder Havel
Germany Telephone: 0178 2940675 Email: Homepage:

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