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Neofect Smart Glove Homecare Version

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Hand and finger training device

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  1. Neofect Smart Glove Homecare Version
  2. Neofect Smart Glove Homecare Version

Areas of Application:

- Movement training device
- Finger training device
- Hand training device
- Physiotherapy
- Biofeedback
- Brain damage
- Stroke


Neofect Smart Glove is an exercise device for rehabilitation, which with the latest sensor technology enables professional self-training at home.
The device was developed to induce neuroplasticity in the hand function of patients with brain damage.
The glove is put on, connected to the Neofect app / software, the rehabilitation game begins.
In order to improve the rehabilitation of patients whose extremities are affected by lesions in the central nervous system, targeted and task-oriented activities should be performed repeatedly. However, the repetitive rehabilitation process lowers the patient's motivation and makes it difficult to maintain optimal difficulty and induce neuroplasticity.
The system applies an algorithm to game-like exercises to keep patients motivated and continually perceive the exercises as challenging. This means that therapists no longer have to manually adjust the difficulty of the task in order to motivate the patient. In addition, an objective evaluation of the exercises and user-friendly reports on the progress of the patients enable an effective and efficient management of the rehabilitation process.
The curriculum algorithm is designed to improve the learning of multiple functional tasks by suggesting an optimal task at a reasonable level of difficulty. Based on the patient data, e.g. B. training progress, recipe, personal interest, score for motor function, etc., it calculates which game is selected in which degree of difficulty.

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NEOFECT Germany GmbH
Marcel-Breuer-Str. 15
80807 München
Germany Telephone: 089 59081302 Email: Homepage:


TRS Med GmbH
Am Wachtelberg 5
14542 Werder Havel
Germany Telephone: 0178 2940675 Email: Homepage:

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