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Assistive Product HABA Pro Manufit

Product Type:

Therapeutic exercise device for the upper extremities

Areas of Application:

  • Arm training device
  • Exercise device for motor-functional treatment of the upper extremities


Various devices can be assembled from the elements without additional tools: a ring or scramble tree, the forearm block and the PS board. All devices can be individually adapted to the patient and the current therapy goals. If the equipment is set up on a height-adjustable therapy table, further height variants are possible, e.g. for working over the head.
The elements are supplied in a bag with assembly instructions and exercise suggestions.

Manufit consists of the following elements:
5 wave bars, 1 foot bar, 1 pole, 2 trees, 2 arches, 20 rings, 1 Böckli board,
1 pegboard, 1 pad for Böckli board, 1 PS board, 1 PS pole, 21 sticks for the PS pole

Dimensions for comparison:
longest wave bar: 100 cm, foot bar: L 113 x W 12 cm, tree: W 12 x H 110 cm,
ring diameter 6 cm, Böckli board: L 36 x W 15 cm, sticks: 6.5 cm long, diameter 1 cm

Price (without guarantee):

529.00 EUR including VAT
Retail price

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HABA Sales GmbH & Co. KG
August-Grosch-Str. 28 - 38
96476 Bad Rodach
Germany Telephone: 09564 9290 Email: Homepage:

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