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Wehrfritz Manufit

Product Type:

Therapy exercise device for the upper extremities

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Areas of Application:

- Arm exercise device
- Exercise device for motor-functional treatment of the upper extremities


Various devices can be built from the elements without additional tools: a ring tree or a tree, the Unterarmböckli and the PS board. All devices can be individually adapted to the patient and the current therapy goals. If the devices are set up on a height-adjustable therapy table, further height variants are possible, e.g. B. to be able to work above the head.
The elements are delivered in a bag including assembly instructions and exercise suggestions.

Manufit consists of the following elements:

5 corrugated strips, 1 baseboard, 1 pole, 2 trees, 2 arches, 20 rings, 1 Böckli board,
1 breadboard, 1 cushion for Böckli board, 1 PS board, 1 PS stick, 21 sticks for the PS stick

Dimensions for comparison:

longest corrugated strip: 100 cm, skirting board: L 113 x W 12 cm, tree: W 12 x H 110 cm,
ring diameter 6 cm, Böckli board: L 36 x W 15 cm, sticks: 6.5 cm long, diameter 1 cm

Price (without guarantee):

439.00 EUR including VAT (Wehrfritz)
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