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Assistive Product TECNOBODY PROKIN

Product Type:

Test and Training System for the Balance System

Areas of Application:

  • Balance Disorder
  • Test System for the Balance System
  • Training of the Balance System


The system allows an evaluation of the static and dynamic balance ability.
Through different tasks, different demands on the human balance system can be examined and classified using reference values. Retests also provide information about the success of therapy.
The system can be used for patients in the orthopedic and neurological fields.
In addition to evaluation and training, there are games for training balance. This stimulates attentiveness during training, maintains the ability to concentrate and at the same time facilitates classic motor rehabilitation.

Features / Components:

  • intuitive software menu navigation via touch screen (height and tilt adjustable)
  • 7 static, 3 dynamic and 2 test procedures with the Pelvic Module (including BESS test, MCTSIB test, LOS test, proprioception and single-leg tests in Li-Re comparison)
  • comparison of test results using integrated reference data to identify e.g. of fall risk
  • 50 different stability levels
  • visual and/or auditory real-time feedback on defined targets
  • isual feedback on trunk control
  • freely modifiable patient-related programs from the exercise library
  • gamification in various forms and difficulty levels
  • RFID key system for individual therapy planning and use by the user himself
  • color printer

Price (without guarantee):

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proxomed Medizintechnik GmbH
Daimlerstr. 6
63755 Alzenau
Germany Telephone: 06023 9168-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Dimensions (L/W/H): 170/120/80-200 cm
Total weight: 135 kg
Person weight: up to 150 kg
Platform inclination: 0 to 15 degrees from horizontal in all directions, mono and biaxial adjustment options
Trunk sensor detection: 0 to 30 degrees



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Last Update: 17 Feb 2023