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Assistive Product Rolling Koordinationstrainer

Product Type:

Balance Training Device

Areas of Application:

- Balance Training Device
- Coordination Training
- Balance Disorder
- Eye-Hand Coordination


The hoop is moved rhythmically by hand and serves as a track for the sponge rubber ball. With the right momentum, timing and some skill, you set the ball in motion and keep it on track. The training improves hand-eye coordination and also trains the arm musc

Price (without guarantee):

15,95 EUR incl. VAT (distribution)
End user price

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Sport-Tec GmbH
Physio & Fitness
Lemberger Str. 255
66955 Pirmasens
Germany Telephone: 06331 1480-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Diameter plastic rail: 46 cm
Diameter ball: approx. 5 cm



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Last Update: 22 Jul 2022