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Assistive Product CHEST PRESS EA

Product Type:

Torso training device for people in wheelchairs

Areas of Application:

- People in wheelchairs
- Strength training
- Upper body muscles
- Chest


The chest press is specifically designed for the area of the chest and upper body muscles. Both lever arms move independently of each other. Double handles allow exercises to be performed with different grip positions. The device is equipped with a locking mechanism, which fixes the starting point of the movement. In addition, an isometric testing unit can be connected (HUR Performance Recorder). The device can be used with a wheelchair. People in wheelchairs can train independently in their own wheelchair. A mobile seat allows training also for pedestri

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HUR Deutschland GmbH
Carl-Benz-Str. 5
72250 Freudenstadt
Germany Telephone: 07441 8601790 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Width: 130 cm
Depth: 137 cm
Height: 105 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Maximum resistance: 45 kg / side



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Last Update: 3 May 2023