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Assistive Product CanDo Wrist and Forearm Exerciser

Product Type:

Hand Training Device and Arm Training Device


The devices are used to improve flexion, extension, pronation, supination, ulnar and radial deviation in the hand and wrist. The hemispheres can be used together with the handles or individually. You can combine the different sized grips and hemispheres to fit your hand.

Features / Components:

- hemisphere in yellow, diameter approx. 15,5 cm
- handle in yellow diameter approx. 4,0 cm ; length: approx. 12,5 cm
- hemisphere in green diameter approx. 11,5 cm
- handle in green diameter approx. 3,0 cm ; length: ca. 12,5 cm
- half ball in black diameter ca. 7,5 cm
- handle in black diameter ca. 2,5 cm ; length: ca. 12,5 cm

Price (without guarantee):

79,95 EUR incl. VAT (distribution)
End user price

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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