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Assistive Product Theraband Therapie-Bewegungsband

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Therapy Movement Band


The band is made of flexible latex rubber. It is offered in 5 strengths, with each strength coded with a color. The stronger the band, the more strength must be used to stretch it.
Assistive products for physiotherapy and muscle strength train

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Servoprax GmbH
Am Marienbusch 9
46485 Wesel
Germany Telephone: 0281 95283-0 Email: Homepage:


Order number: Strength: Color: Price:
M1 709451801 low yellow 18,94 EUR
M1 709451802 moderate red 19,94 EUR
M1 709451803 medium green 21,96 EUR
M1 709451804 aggravated blue 23,95 EUR
M1 709451805 strong black 25,95 EUR
M1 709451806 extra strong silver 39,95 EUR

Options / Accessories:

Accessories: Handle for Theraband



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Last Update: 3 Jun 2022