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Sterilisationsklebeband mit Indikator

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Sterilization tapes
Autoclave tapes with indicator

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Sterilisationsklebeband mit Indikator

Areas of Application:

- Accessories for sterilization equipment


The indicator tape for steam sterilization sticks to different materials and can be easily removed after use. For identification it can be written on and stuck on with labels. The tapes crepe material is stretchable, which prevents the packaging from bursting.
The requirements for steam sterilization are met. The indicator ink with the typical diagonal pattern applied to the tapes changes its color or becomes significantly darker as soon as the goods have been exposed to the right conditions.

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Claudia Scholz
CLS Medizintechnik und Vertrieb
Gross Thiershausen 2
37434 Krebeck-Renshausen
Germany Telephone: 05507 9798883 Email:

Technical Data:

Width: 19 mm
Roll length: 50 m
Sterility: no



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Last Update: 13 Apr 2021