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TRACOE comfort XL Tracheostomiekanüle mit Sprechfunktion

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Tracheal cannula with speech function, with swiveling speech valve

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TRACOE comfort XL Tracheostomiekanüle mit Sprechfunktion

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- Tracheostomized patients with preserved or partially preserved larynx for speech
- Tracheal stenosis


Speech valve cannulas are used postoperatively after tracheotomies with complete or partial larynx and enable the patient to speak. They are available in two types:Type A has a push-on silver valve and an additional internal cannula; Type B has a swiveling valve and an additional inner cannula. Both are suitable for tracheotomized patients with a laryngeal head. Both types are also extra long, and they are also suitable for tracheal stenosis. Disinfection is possible with conventional disinfecting agents, the sterilization is carried out with the gas ethylene oxide.

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TRACOE medical GmbH
Reichelsheimer Str. 1/3
55268 Nieder-Olm
Germany Telephone: 06136 9169-0 Email: Homepage:


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