Assistive Product Larynx-Schutzlätzchen

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Protective cloth for tracheostoma


The laryngeal protection lobes serve as tracheostome protection. They replace the function of the nose, such as the moistening, warming and filtering of the breathing air. A Velcro fastener or clip closure is located on the left side, which makes it easier for the patient to move the arms behind the head. The protective bibs can be supplied with 3 to 12 fabric layers, the 3-ply bibs should be worn at night or on warmer days, the 12-ply design is suitable for cold days.

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Fabric layers:3-ply, 4-ply, 8-ply, 12-ply
Colors:white, navy, skin color

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14,68 EUR Including VAT (sales)
Final consumer price
Price Date:22.04.2017

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