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PleurX Drainage Minikit

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Wound drainage for pleural effusion

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PleurX Drainagekit bei Pleuraerguss


The pleural drainage kit allows the fluid to drain out of the pleura. All necessary components are supplied. The drainage kit consists of a drainage bottle which contains a vacuum and on which a drainage line is attached. The tip of the drainage line allows a valve to open at the implanted catheter. When the clamps on the drainage bottle are opened, the fluid can be drained from the pleura.
To use the system, the physician must first implant a Pleurex catheter to allow the fluid to drain from the breast. The part of the catheter located in the chest has several holes through which fluid can enter the catheter. At the outer end of the catheter there is a valve which prevents the entry of air and the leakage of fluid when no drainage takes place.
The contents of the dressing set and the vacuum bottle with connecting hose are sterile and can not be re-used as a single product. The patient is instructed by the doctor in the drainage procedure and can then carry out the drainage independently in the domestic area. The drainage system must be connected to the catheter under sterile conditions. The fluid is drained regularly (daily or second-hand). As a rule, the catheter will remain within the entire period. Only the external components are replaced.
The drainage kit is designed to relieve pain and relieve symptoms without the need for frequent punctures or chemical pleurotheres. According to the manufacturer, the PleurX products are an alternative to these treatment methods.

Features / Components:

- vacuum-tight reservoir with firmly connected drainage line (500 ml or 1000 ml bottle)
- Cleaning cloth
- transparent film banding
- blue cloth
- a pair of gloves
- Protective cap
- a blue emergency terminal
- gauze compresses in the size 10 x 10 cm
- Slit compressing

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Becton Dickinson GmbH
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