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Atemtherapiegerät Alpha 300 IPPB + PSI ®

Product Type:

Respiratory therapy device

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Alpha 300 IPPB

Areas of Application:

Among other things:
- Cystic fibrosis
- Secretion management for cystic fibrosis / CF, COPD, chronic bronchitis / chronic insufficiency, ALS
- for patients with obstructive respiratory diseases and respiratory insufficiency
- Inflammation aid for COPD, atelectasis and Alveolar collapse (atelectasis prophylaxis = AP), pulmonary emphysema
- Supportive therapy for asthma, patients before and after operations to strengthen the respiratory muscles (AMT), gentle breathing due to tumors or the like.


In IPPB therapy (intermittent positive Pressure Breathing), secretion membrane is loosened and the lung areas behind are ventilated again. The secretions are removed by cilia and the cough. At the same time, atelectatic areas are reopened.
The therapy has a pre- and postoperative strengthening and expanding effect on the alveolar tissue and contributes to secretion mobilization and atelectasis prophylaxis Inhalation (PSI) can be done during the inspiration phase. PSI enables the aerosol to reach the deep areas of the lungs, even with poor breathing.

Features / Components:

- Integrated medication nebulizer for optional nebulization
- Infinitely adjustable expiratory stenosis
- Max. Application time of 30min. continuous
- suitable for children and adults

Price (without guarantee):

2,725.00 € incl.VAT

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Löwenstein Medical GmbH & Co. KG
Arzbacher Str. 80
56130 Bad Ems
Germany Telephone: 02603 9600-0 Email: Homepage:


OxyCare GmbH
Holzweide 6
28307 Bremen
Germany Telephone: 0421 489966 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

control principle: assisted, pressure-controlled ventilation
pressure setting: 5 - 40 hPa0
inspiration flow: 8 - 60 l / min
trigger (switch-on pressure): -1 to -9 cmH2O
switch-off pressure: +5 to +40 cmH2O
exhalation resistance: adjustable
nebulizer output: infinitely adjustable
respiratory rate display: 0 - 99 (1 / min)
noise level: <70 dB (A)
power consumption: 150 W
dimensions (WxHxD): 265 x 165 x 260 mm
weight: 7 kg
operating time: max. 30 min



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