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RC-Cornet® PLUS

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Respiratory therapy device

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RC-Cornet® PLUS


The RC-Cornet® PLUS frees the lower airways from stuck bronchial mucus, relieves dry coughs and reduces the need for antibiotics. Areas of application are frequently recurring respiratory infections, dry coughs or problems coughing up mucus, strong coughing with sputum.

Areas of Application:

After regular use, breathing therapy with the RC-Cornet® PLUS leads to an improvement in the symptoms of chronic diseases of the lower airways such as bronchial asthma, COPD and emphysema, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis or smokers cough. Physical therapy is suitable for adults and children from three years of age. The RC-Cornet® PLUS also enables patients with very limited lung function to receive respiratory therapy.

Features / Components:

- Widening of the airways
- Dissolving bronchial mucus
- 4 different intensity levels
- The head section alone (without hose and housing) can be used as a Breathing trainer can be used
- Integrated connection for ISO-standardized nebulisers
- Connection with non-standardized nebulisers via a nebuliser set possible
- Cleaning in a pot or with a cleaning bag in the microwave possible


The RC-Cornet® PLUS generates with Exhalation creates an oscillating positive exhalation pressure (OPEP). The mucous membranes are massaged in a physical way. The bronchi of the lower airways widened - without the use of medication.
Setting I leads to the widening of the airways. The stabilizing exhalation pressure with vibrations widens the airways into the alveoli. Constrictions are opened and parts of the alveoli are ventilated again. This reduces shortness of breath.
In setting II, bronchial mucus is released. The mobilizing exhalation pressure with vibrations loosens the heavy mucus from the bronchial walls and liquefies them. The released bronchial mucus is transported towards the mouth by the vibrations. The mucus can then be coughed up. The cough can thus perform its cleaning function for the airways again.
Once the cleaning has been completed, the cough is automatically reduced, as the cough receptors are no longer irritated. In addition, the removal of the mucus reduces the susceptibility to infections.

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74.50 EUR incl. VAT

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