Case Study
Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für einen Produktionshelfer


The medium-sized company manufactures automotive clutches and gears.

Disability and functional limitation of the employee:

The severely disabled man has a stomach, lung and cardiovascular disease. Disability Due manual lifting and carrying activities and frequent bending and flexing are very restricted.

Training and job:

The man works as a production assistant on the employer.

Workplace and duties:

The production assistant is used on several machines (slitting saw, circular saw, Rundnutenfräse and thread milling machine). In them clutch and transmission parts are machined with a weight of 2 to 60 kg. The palletized workpieces previously had to be manually lifted to a height of up to one meter in order to edit them on the respective machine. Through the use of a manipulator with a gripper system the man can lift palletized workpieces without excessive force, and place in the workpiece holders of the respective machines. The manipulator with its gripping system allows the functions to raise, lower, gripping, clamping, twisting and swirling at the same time a delicate control of the required movements. To avoid awkward postures at the slitting saw, by the required bending of the upper body to reach the controls to low-lying, the slitting saw was raised by about 40 cm and placed on a concrete base and fixed. The controls can thus be operated in an upright posture

Assistive devices used:

Manipulators and weight balancers

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Funding :

The disability-friendly design was sponsored by the Office integration. The counseling for disability-oriented design was carried out by the Engineer Professional Service of the integration office. In REHADAT you will also find the addresses and phone - numbers of the integration offices.

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