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Arbeits­platz­gestaltung für einen Vermessungstechniker


The company (69 employees) deals with removing contaminated soil from the ground and from mining trenches, with storing soil and taking measurements for cartographic purposes.

Disability and functional impairment of the employee:

The employee suffers from bronchial asthma and limited mobility of the knee joints. He has a 50% degree of disability. Which means that the employee's mobility is severely impaired. Owing to the disability, he must avoid - static postures, such as standing and walking for prolonged periods and - carrying heavy loads. The strain from his job of changing climatic conditions, changing between dry and moist, cold and warm, cause further strain on his body and this have an adverse effect on the state of his health.

Workplace and task:

The employee has been working as a surveyor in the earth science and cartographic department of the company. He spends most of his working time outdoors. The employee is responsible for recording the surveyed data. A static posture is avoided by alternating between walking and standing during the measuring procedure and sitting while he is driving. Using a satellite measuring instrument weighing 2.5 kg (global positioning system - GPS) reduces the physical strain caused by manual transporting and handling of the equipment. The negative effects due to the climatic conditions can be compensated by wearing appropriate clothing.


The employer received a grant of 50% from the Main Welfare Agency.

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